Let me say, Santa Cruz was a beautiful location for my first 70.3. The ocean, forest, awesome volunteers & spectators.

That said, here goes.....It was a cold and foggy morning on the beach.....

Swim - Cold, dark water, big...it's the ocean!
Standing at the start, last minute decision was made to stay on the inside close to the buoys, with everyone else. Rough crowd, I caught on quick...throw elbows, kick, hold my position, be aggressive. Swallowed a few gallons of salt water, felt seasick. (Seasick? Swimming?...strange.). I did it...!! Didn't see one shark either, ðŸ¬

Bike - At the mount line I noticed my speedfil tank was loose. During its stay in transition something happened and the bracket was coming out of the frame. Rode with my fingers crossed that it wouldn't fall off! Nice ride, lots of hills. Not too hard for me, I'm from Chico...I trained on hills. The first 20 miles were amazing! Then...maybe all that salt water got to me. Stomach pain like I've never felt, this kept on till the end of the race. Goals for pace, time, all forgotten...just push through, focus on the positive, be thankful to be doing this! Had several nice comments on my bike handling and climbing skills. Thank You, Chico cycling community, for teaching me to be a cyclist...!!

Run - 13.1 miles to go! My stomach, ugh! By mile 5, I had to stop trying to pick up the pace and focus on finishing. One foot in front of the other....one mile at a time. Stepped in a hole on the trail during mile 6....now the pain in my foot could take my mind off of my stomach, lol. It was a really beautiful run, the ocean views were spectacular!

I finished, 8 hours, 37 minutes.... Things didn't go as planned, I knew they wouldn't and it was okay. I learned so much! Maybe next time......hahaha

I want to thank Everyone for the help, encouragement, support, advice....
My family, mom and dad, Breann, Brent, Cort and Marlina! My Chico Tri Club family, all of you!! Heather Martinez, best swim coach ever! My cousin Jason Hall & Brandon, for being with me and helping! Picking up the pieces after several meltdowns!!!! Aren't you all glad it's over and won't have to hear me talk about it? ðŸ˜

My first 70.3 was awesome....the experience of a lifetime! I did my best on September 11, 2016. Maybe next time I'll do even better....maybe!!!