Finished my 5th Ironman triathlon yesterday at Vineman Ironman in a time of 12.:42. I placed 14th out of 102 in my age group, 26th of them were not able to fininsh the race in the 17 hours alloted. However, the race didn't go as planned but I'm proud of myself for not quitting. I had a great swim, one big loop in the Russian River. The water was warm and it's really easy to sight since the river is narrow and for most of the swim it is shallow enough to stand up in. I felt great going through the first transition and on to the bike. The bike is two loops winding through beautiful rolling hills in wine country. I felt strong on the first loop but then started having stomach cramps and nausea and my legs felt shot. I eased up on the second lap hoping that I could salvage the run but I knew I was going to be in trouble. I started out slow on the run, my stomach was cramping badly and I felt exhausted. I managed to keep moving between some easy running and walking. I overheard another competitor who was walking on the run say "Isn't it interesting how quickly goals change?" I couldn't have agreed more. As I was feeling more and more weak, dizzy and probably dehydrated I just wanted to finish, overall time, age group place and anything else just went out the window. As I crossed the finish line I was so grateful to be done and so appreciative of everyone’s support. Shawn Hughes my wonderful husband who gave up his weekend to come to yet another crazy race, all my friends and family who were tracking me online and wishing me well before the race and my amazing friend Sue Kamrar who surprised me by showing to the race to cheer me on. Thank you everyone! Also so proud of my fellow Chico Tri Club friends who kicked butt at the race: Eric Ayars who caught me on the run and encouraged me to keep going, Maya Honeyman who finished the race with an amazingly strong run and Deborah Yoder who did this race as her first ever triathlon! Amazing.