Thank you to all of you who came out for the first River Road Time Trial of the season. Here are the results:

Name                Age Time
David Brookes       44  23m 2s  
Josh Rowe           38  24m 13s 
Greg Watkins        54  24m 44s 
Tom Tucker          65  25m 41s 
Steve Lemos         32  25m 42s road bike
Rob Bartsch         46  27m 25s road bike
Joanne Gilchrist    47  27m 43s 
Jim Mensching       71  28m 11s 
Dan Spencer         67  29m 12s 
Christine Bergmann  66  29m 17s 
Skip Lees           73  32m 45s road bike
Jason Berry         41  DNF 

The next TT will be Thursday, June 7, same time and place. Eric will not be available that day, so if you're thinking of volunteering this is your chance. Contact him <> for more information.