Here are the results from the April River Road TT. There were some non-ideal wind conditions, so it was a tough ride for many, but everyone finished.

Name            age     time
David Brookes   45      23m 33s
David Albrecht  52      23m 44s
Jim Gilchrist   78      27m 23s
Joanne Gilchrist 48     27m 51s
Shawn Hughes    50      29m 10s
Paul Williamson 56      30m 14s
Bruce Nicolai   56      30m 16s
Tim MacLaughton 53      31m 26s
Kellen Starmer  31      31m 40s
Cina Hines      47      32m 39s
Andy Fee        56      32m 47s
Ray Bransky     58      32m 48s
Larry Root      58      33m 23s
Eric Dugger     60      33m 41s
Mike Mays       55      33m 50s
Addy Dwyer      28      34m 10s
Bob Summerville 58      36m 55s
Chelsea Dwyer   29      38m 36s
Lorna Andreatta 62      38m 41s
Patti Dugger    57      39m 14s


I hope to see even more out there next time, May 2!