Here are the results for the May River Road TT. It was a fast day out there: very little wind, good temperature, low pressure, and we had at least three PRs! (Let me know if I've missed any.) Hope to see you out there for the next one, June 6.

Name                Age  Time      
David Albrecht      51   22m 43s   
David Brookes       45   22m 56s   PR
Greg Watkins        55   24m 18s   PR
Mike Trowbridge     66   26m 30s   
Joanne Gilchrist    48   26m 54s   
Kirsten Starmer     30   28m 16s   PR
Jim Mensching       72   28m 18s   
Jim Peplow          61   29m 15s   
Tim MacLaughlin     52   29m 21s   
Darlene Henderson   65   29m 37s   
Kellen Starmer      31   29m 47s   
Eric Dugger         60   29m 57s   
Jennifer Stuart     50   30m 40s