Hello All, and thanks for coming out for the New Year's Bike/Run/Both Time Trial! This year an anonymous donor (no, not me) donated cash prizes for first male/female biker/runner, so congratulations to Heather Clayborn and Mike Cordova (fastest bikers) and to Sena Minshew and Greg Watkins (fastest runners.) And for anyone who biked slower than 15m 18 seconds, you got beaten by a 63-year-old man. Jim, we all want to be like you when we grow up. :-)

Here are the results:


Bike time

Run time

Mike Cordova

14m 9s


Jim Moravec

15m 18s


Miles Villahermosa

15m 40s


Greg Watkins

16m 19s

27m 52s

Matt Roberts

16m 38s


Steven Lemos

16m 44s


Mike Lee

16m 51s


James Longway

17m 15s


Gary Bettencourt

17m 40s


Kevin McCormick

18m 15s

36m 14s

Chris Midkiff

18m 19s


Paul Willadsen

18m 35s


CJ Michaels

19m 1s

27m 54s

Heather Clayborn

19m 20s


Sena Minshew

19m 43s

37m 14s

Toby Licon

22m 13s


Matt Cardimet

22m 44s


Mitch Holdcamp

39m 59s


Susan Hille

DNF - Flatted