The Chico, California area has a rich tradition in all sorts of outdoor activities, including swimming, cycling, and running. A few dedicated multi-sport athletes in town saw the need for an inclusive club dedicated to the sport of triathlon, and officially launched the Chico Triathlon Club on 01/01/2010. The club was created for all multisport athletes, of all levels, ages, and abilities.

The mission at CTC is to create and promote an organized venue where athletes of all ages and abilities can pursue their individual training and racing goals in an exciting, motivating, informative and social environment. Having fun and enjoying the camaraderie of our fellow club members is our main goal.

Our vision is to continue acting as a gateway for individuals, beginners, intermediates, and elites to explore their athletic talents. As we look to the future, our hope is that every member of CTC, regardless ability, age or athletic experience, will get involved and stay involved!

The Chico Triathlon Club is officially recognized by USAT. The club is non-profit, and is designated as a 501(c)(4) organization by the IRS. Our By-Laws are also available for review. You may also view past minutes from our Board of Directors meetings here.

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