Remember you are triathletes and in the end you race alone. So, keep running, riding, and swimming. Just do it alone or with those that you already share spit with.

Due to the hardships placed upon our members by Covid19, the Board has decided to automatically extend every current members membership 3 months.


I would like to take a moment to remind our members that in this difficult time we need to be sure to support our sponsors whenever we can. They have always been there for us and now it is time we support them.

I received the following sad news from one of our oldest and dear sponsors, Under the Sun Events. We are going to miss you. Thank you for all the events and support you have offered us.

Dear Shawn,

It is with heavy hearts that Julie and I announce we are closing Under the Sun Events as of December 31, 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit our business exceptionally hard and we have made the very tough decision to close.

It has been a really great 13+ years of events and timing. We have enjoyed celebrating with you and your participants at the Black Butte Tri! We loved being a part of races that raised money for their communities, and also provided opportunities for people to stay healthy.

We will truly miss working with you. It has been an honor for us to work alongside such hardworking, thoughtful people.

Thank you for your years of support of Under the Sun Events. We hope to cross paths with you in the future.


Julie & Nikki




Well here we go again, another fire season. The problem with exercising while your local area is affected by smoke is that exercise makes us breathe more, in order to deliver more oxygen to our body. This is normally a good thing but, if the air is smoky, more oxygen also means you will be getting more of those tiny smoke particles too. Exercising in smoky conditions also means you will breathe more deeply, and you will be far more likely to absorb more of this polluted air compared to when you’re at rest. This risk is even higher if you choose to exercise outdoors while it is still smoky. Please use common sense and check the local air quality before going outside to train.

Swims: The One Mile open water swim workouts are back on. Meet up between 6:30 AM and 7:00 AM on the North side of Sycamore Pool on Fridays. Please be cautious about leaving your belongings on the pool deck. One of our members had some items stolen from the pool deck.

In Motion is partially opened and the pool is open. They have moved some of the equipment outdoors by the pool.

The River Road TTs:   Thank you Eric Ayers for hosting the TTs. Please note there will be VERY STRICT social distancing rules.

(Sorry Still on Hold) Rides:  The Sunday ride is run by Jenni Merrell. Location, route, and distance vary from week to week. Email Jenni to get the weekly details ( Also keep an eye on the Facebook page, she will usually post details there as well. Rain typically cancels. There is also a community Sunday 9:00 a.m. LSD (Long Steady Distance) ride that meets at One Mile. Pace is typically 18-19 mph and there are many options for early turns back into town during the ride.

(Sorry Still on Hold) The Friday Rides: The rides will resume in the Spring of 2020. Email Shawn Hughes at if you are interested in receiving notices of ride date and times.

(Sorry Still on Hold) Runs: The Saturday Beginner LSD is at 9:00 A.M. It is a slower paced beginner run going for up to 60 minutes. Meet at the 5-Mile Recreation Area near the bathrooms. There is also an LSD run on Saturday’s meeting at the 5-mile bathrooms at 8:00 AM. The Monday Night Run meets at Wildwood Park near the bathrooms at 6:00 P.M. bring headlamps. The run is posted on Facebook weekly.

(Sorry Still on Hold) CTC Track Workout:

Every Thursday meet at the Chico State track at 5:45 PM. Updates are made on the Facebook page.

Black Butte Tri/DU:

It is with a great sorrow that I must inform you that the 2020 BBT has been postponed until September 18, 2021.

2020 Club Races:

Mt. Shasta Tinman Sept 6 (CANCELLED)
CTC Practice Tri August 15 (CANCELED)
Black Butte Triathlon (POSTPONED 9/18/21)
CTC Club Jersey Ride October 10
IM Santa Rosa October 17 (CANCELLED)
CTC Club End of the Year Party November 20

Race Results:

This is a shout out to anybody who has participated in a recent race. We would love to hear from you. Please send me any information on a race you have participated in.

This could be as simple as your name and the name of the event, your results or a race report outlining your personal experience.

Athlete of the month:

This month’s athlete of the month is MANNY MEJIA. Congratulations Manny!!!

Please take the time to help us pick the next Athlete of the month. Just send an email to listing your nomination.

Volunteer of the Month:

This month’s volunteer of the month is without question ERIC AYARS. Thank you Eric.

Please take the time to help us pick the next Volunteer of the month. Just send an email to listing your nomination.

Volunteer opportunities:

Bidwell Bump, Black Butte Tri, Almond Bowl, and the Frost or Fog (2021)

Hope to see you soon,  

Shawn Hughes  

CTC President